Course Summary

In this the first of a series of lectures, Bruno Zielke, long-time member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria presents an informative and thought-provoking series of lectures examining the very beginnings of the universe. Bruno will discuss the myths of creation of the universe. Modern theories on how the universe began. The Big Bang and the very first gas cloud formations. The life and death of stars and the formation of black holes.

These and other fascinating questions about the beginnings of the Universe will be answered.


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Bruno has been a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria for many years, with special interest in cosmology and quantum physics. He regularly presents at Astronomical conference on subjects of cosmology. Bruno holds a computer science and applied mathematics degree (RMIT).

Course Sessions

Monday, 30th September - 5 classes

Session ID DNAT5801C
30 Sep - 28 Oct 11:00am - 12:30pm
Location CAE
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$189 / $180 (conc)
Bruno Zielke
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