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This is a practical course in low-light photography of four sessions for both film and digital cameras.

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Currently there are no classes scheduled for this course.
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The course involves four practical shoots, with preparation, instruction and review. The first session will begin at the CAE, followed by an outdoor shoot. The following three classes will be at selected locations. A variety of skills and techniques will be covered:
Camera handling and tripods
Film selection, both colour and B & W
Differences in settings for digital cameras
How to expose in low light
How to use Av exposure, compensation and the B setting
Use of white balance on digital cameras
Unusual techniques and subjects
Focussing and composition
Better use of perspective through the zoom
Panoramas at night
The flash and blur method
Having film processed
Making use of ISO


Students will be able to:
Shoot effectively in a variety of low light situations, with or without additional flash
Take advantage of camera functions in exposure, focus and lens use
Make better use of personal resources
Improve skills in finding and utilising "bad light"
Effectively compare digital and film cameras in low-light use

Who would find this course useful?

Suitable for all photographers including beginners


Participants must have an SLR camera and have completed a basic course or have a comfortable working knowledge of their camera. Suitable for all photographers including beginners

What you should bring

Students need to bring a digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) or analogue (film) SLR camera to class