Delivered by Box Hill Institute at the CAE campus.

iVCAL is a new and innovative way to achieve your VCAL Certificate. iVCAL is offered at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels and is accessible 24/7 – from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day. This self-paced, online course can be completed 100% online or as a combination of online and class time, and can be fully individualised to suit you, the learner and your needs and priorities.

The iVCAL program is fully supported by teachers, youth pathways officers and counsellors and has been been designed so it is easy to access and use. If you choose you can come into CAE campus or Box Hill Institute campus for face to face interactions with the teachers and other students.

Like the traditional VCAL programs we offer, iVCAL also offers pathways to higher education programs delivered by the Institute and other learning institutions. Stage one involves completing literacy, numeracy, personal development and work skills units online while stage two involves choosing vocational units which may be delivered in the traditional face to face classroom environment or online or a combination of both.

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