Course Summary

This course is designed as an introduction to painting with watercolour. Students will develop confidence in mixing colour and gain skills in a variety of watercolour painting techniques. Watercolour materials will be discussed including a selection of basic colours in pans or tubes, brushes, watercolour papers, palettes and accessories. Develop an understanding of basic watercolour painting techniques including laying washes, colour glazing and lifting out. ALL MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED.

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Subjects covered included:
– Colour mixing
– Washes
– Transparent layering
– Dry brush technique
– Textures
– Masking techniques


This course is for complete beginners or students who have some experience of painting but who want to gain confidence in the medium of watercolour. Useful for people who are developing folio work or who are looking for a portable painting method to capture images of their travels in painterly form or for those who want to enjoy painting purely for relaxation.

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