Course Summary

Across the world there are 800 paintings signed by Vincent van Gogh. All the more remark­able since he suffered from severe depression and died when he was just 37; his life’s work produced in one decade, particularly his last three years. This is when we see his love of colour, emotions and seasonal changes in the natural world that influenced art history for ever. Join Helen Webberley and explore the man and his work.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about the man and his work.

Helen Webberley has a BA from Melbourne University and a Masters from Monash University, specialising in History and Art History. This has proved to be an excellent combination since it is difficult to understand a culture without examining all its historical documents, as well as other cultural objects (architecture, literature, etc). Helen’s CAE courses cover historical eras and the cultures that underpin students preferred interests. CAE courses have concentrated on the pivotal 17th Century to 1939, focusing in particular on Britain, the Continent, Middle East and North Africa, Australia and North America.

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