Course Summary

Melbourne based artist, Ben Sheppard challenges the way you think about drawing and art making in general. This course looks at alternative drawing processes and ways of developing ideas visually. A great taste of conceptual drawing practice for those interested in broadening their understanding of contemporary art.

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This courses provides:

An understanding of the broader arts practice of contemporary drawing
A practical understanding of alternative drawing practices,
Development of own Unconventional Drawing project
Conclusion of Unconventional Drawing project.

Session One: What is Drawing? – Introduction.
Lecture with slideshow of historical and contemporary examples.
Brief history, What is Drawing? What can it be? Thinking in the making.
Initial drawing exercise Instructional Drawing after Sol LeWitt ( U.S artist linked to various movements including, Conceptual Art and Minimalism).

Session Two: Drawing with Tape.
Bring in a variety of tapes to draw with! Masking, gaffa, duct, electrical-whatever you can get your hands on.
Also bring a stiff bit of card, board or cardboard to draw on.

Session Three: Drawing with Light.
Bring in any small lights that could be used as mark markers.
And, if you have one, a camera that can capture long exposures.

Session Four: Development of Project/Collaboration. Project needs to consider:
1. An Idea or feeling to communicate.
2. Economies of line/drawing elements
3. An unconventional approach!

This course provides you with a broader understanding of what it is to draw, as well as your own completed Unconventional Drawing.

The only prerequisite is an open mind and an urge to create!

Students should bring a packet of mixed coloured pencils to the first (and subsequent) session. Tutor will discuss any further needs at the first session.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in art and the visual development of ideas, has an open mind and an urge to create!

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