Course Summary

This course is designed for people interested in Hispanic culture, Christmas traditions, and learners of Spanish. It will give participants a hands-on insight into the joyful way Latinos and Spanish celebrate Christmas. You will have the opportunity to try and prepare traditional food and drinks, move to Latino beats and enjoy Christmas Spanish and Latino style.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 16th December - 1 class

Session ID DLAM7005C
16 Dec - 16 Dec 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$99 / $94 (conc)
Tamara Pena-Porras

Ideal for people interested in Christmas traditions around the world, Spanish and Latin American culture and Spanish-language students.

Our aim is for participants to learn and live some of the most outstanding Spanish and Latin American Christmas traditions. It will be like being in the region, saving all travel expenses! Christmas is a vibrant and colourful celebration in Latin America and Spain. Festivities start early December and go until almost mid-January. Despite sharing some common customs, every single country spices up this time of the year with local traditions. Participants will have the opportunity to taste traditional food, prepare some Christmas drinks and enjoy the happiness of one of the most important celebrations in this culture.

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