Course Summary

Learn to start or improve your organisations marketing, branding and sales via social media. Discuss choosing the right platforms, generating engaging content, creating social media polices and guides, push and pull marketing strategies and much more!

Course Sessions

Saturday, 17th March - 1 class

Session ID SRY39202C
17 Mar - 17 Mar 9:00am - 3:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$195 / $185 (conc)
Sue Ellson

This course is designed to give you more theory and background on the strategy and tactics of using any social media platform for promoting yourself, your causes or your business. This includes if you are using social media to promote products such as a book or artwork, or services such as consulting.

You will learn a wide variety of relevant strategy and tactics, with a key theme being how to use social media, and more broadly digital marketing and sales methods, to promote and / or sell the material that’s important for you.

It will also include the various options that exist for using advertising on social media, and when and where it’s helpful to use it in addition to your normal social media activities.

The course does not focus on any one particular platform. That is taught in our separate courses on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging (or self-hosted WordPress). We currently focus on these platforms because they are the most widely used.

Social Media Strategy for business therefore does not require you to bring a laptop or use a computer. It covers separate and additional material to the above courses on the platforms. The material can be learned either prior to or after doing any of the above courses. It also does not assume any particular knowledge of the various platforms. In this sense, it is very good background if you plan to do one or more of the courses on the various platforms.

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