Course Summary

Join tutor Eleni Rivers as you experiment with the unique formal and technical possibilities of acrylic painting techniques and drawing. You will be encouraged to free your painting techniques by working in different styles of acrylic painting, ranging from traditional to expressive, investigate mixed media, mediums and additives. Master techniques ranging from a fluid watercolour like approach, through to glazing, textural layering, and impasto. Also covered will be collage and stencils.

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Participants to bring reference material from which details can be borrowed for use in creating unique and expressive compositions in a series of small paintings.

Sessions are organised to allow ample studio time for working, technical demonstrations, supportive group critiques and individual feedback.

All in all, the course will provide the technical advice, practical painting experience and inspiration for students to continue on with their painting activities at home.

Whilst not essential, some experience with art is helpful. Certainly, a spirit of adventure is required!

Please bring to the first class the following materials:

• Painting surface:

Acrylic/Oil sketch paper, 245 gsm, A3, 15 sheets, or individual sheets


• Paint:

Small tubes — the better the quality, the better the results! Suggest Matisse.

Colours – Titanium white, Cadmium yellow hue, Cadmium red hue, Cobalt blue,

Hookers green, Magenta


• Brushes:

Brands include Roymac Achiever, Golden, Neef Taklon

– Two round, Watercolour or Acrylic, synthetic Size 8 and 12

– One synthetic Flat brushes – Size 10

Or consider a Reno set of brushes, BS-101-6B


• Miscellaneous:

White plastic palette with large, deep areas for paint puddles and flat area for mixing (with lid is good)

Acrylic medium/varnish – gloss 

Soft rags/tissues 

Palette knife – plastic

Two plastic containers for water 


One 4B pencil

Old T shirt or apron to wear 

Two bulldog clips 

Willow charcoal 2 sticks 

Pencil sharpener/blade 

Notebook and pen 

Folder to transport paper 

Masking tape 

Plastic bags to transport palette or damp paintings


• Mixed media (REQUIRED)

Crayons, chalks, art glue, materials for collage, stencils etc…

Choose at least two of the following: Soft gel, Molding paste; Absorbent Ground;

Interference and/or Iridescent colours; Open paint ie slow drying – good for blending;

Fluid paint – good for watercolour like effects and glazing


Total cost approx. $120 – 150


Senior Art Supplies 21 Degraves St., Melbourne, ph. 9639 6662

10% discount with class receipt. 

Online stores

Also check out $2 shops for many items except for paint.

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