Course Summary

This workshop explores the Head, hands and feet. Technically difficult to master yet important to get right as they are the most expressive in telling the story. 

Course Sessions

Saturday, 26th May - 1 class

Session ID HXX25302C
26 May - 26 May 10:00am - 4:30pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$209 / $199 (conc)
Peter Grziwotz

A range of short and long poses that focus on the structure and proportions of the head, hands and feet. Topics include: Basic anatomy, use of blocking in shapes with construction lines, and measurement of angles and proportions. How to capture expression with rapid sketching and development of modelling skills in pencil and charcoal.

Students will  have improved their knowledge of the head, hands and feet and will be able to give more expression to the details and modelling of these features in their drawings. They will improve their understanding of how to set up lighting for a range of tonal effects.

This is an opportunity for you to compliment your drawing skills by focusing on the challenging areas of head, hands and feet. Come along to this one day course and gain a greater understanding of capturing the likeness of those tricky bits that you sometimes prefer to leave out of your life drawing! Under expert tuition, gain confidence and learn to enjoy exploring the detail of the extremities.

Please bring to class:

– HB pencil

– 5 sticks finger medium (finger width) willow charcoal

– kneadable eraser
– 2 x bull dog clips

– approx. 20 sheets bulky newsprint (butchers paper / large rough paper)


materials cost approx $25, depending on what materials you already have at home.

This course, presented by Peter Grziwotz, is suitable for those with basic drawing / life drawing skills and wanting to improve the scope of their drawing.

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