Course Summary

Make traditional and contemporary jewellery and small-scale sculptures using sheet metal and wire. Covers ring-making, wire techniques and saw-piercing. Basic materials included in course fee.

Course Sessions

Thursday, 19th April - 4 classes

Session ID HVA15002C
19 Apr - 10 May 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$299 / $284 (conc)
Anastasia Joannides

This course is suitable for both beginning and more experienced students. Beginners will work on a series of projects initiated by the tutor, allowing them to cover the basic jewellery making techniques including: bending, shaping, twisting and filing of metals; silver soldering; metal finishing, and polishing. Students may work in either precious metals (gold & silver) or in non-ferrous metals (copper & brass). Return students and those with more experience work on projects of their own undertaking with assistance from the tutor as required. Each week the course will introduce the processes required in order to complete the set exercises. The first exercise is to make a wedding band and the techniques of scribing, saw piercing, filing, soldering, sanding and polishing are explored. Ear hooks, drilling holes and some other basic techniques are covered in the last class.

New students will acquire techniques allowing them to make a range of jewellery and small silverware items. They will gain an understanding of precious metals as those metals relate to the jewellery industry. Return students build on their skills and acquire further and more complex techniques such as precious gemstones setting and finer soldering techniques.

The tutor will discuss tools and materials at the first session. Students can use the tools provided in the workshop however it is recommended you buy your own hand tools (approx. $15-$200). A list of hand tools and suppliers will be provided at the first class. Students will also need to purchase some consumables such as sandpaper, matches, saw blades etc.

Base metals of copper and brass are provided. If students wish to work with silver it will be at their own cost (approx. $2.00 per gram), the tutor will advise where to purchase.

This course is suitable for both beginning and more experienced students.

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