Course Summary

Make a short film. Learn basic skills in production, direction, camera operation and editing as you storyboard a script, find locations, shoot the film, then edit it with Final Cut Pro X (10).

Course Sessions

Thursday, 22nd February - 10 classes

Session ID HDK86601C
22 Feb - 26 Apr 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$670 / $637 (conc)
David Willing

Thursday, 17th May - 10 classes

Session ID HDK86602C
17 May - 19 Jul 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$670 / $637 (conc)
David Willing

This course comes in two varietiess: 10 session course (weeknights) or 6 session course (weekends). Content in both classes is the same throughout but is roughly divided into the following blocks:

– Teacher/Student/Course introduction
– Industry overview funding, production and distribution paths for short films
– Explanation of Film Crew roles
– How to write a script
– Watch and discuss short film example
– Principles of Scriptwriting
– Write group short film script which will be produced during the course
– Camera workshop – Shot sizes, framing, movement, storyboards and shot lists
– Lighting workshop – Safety, 3 point lighting set up, positions, controlling light
– Complete final draft of script
– Assign Cast and Crew roles for the production
– Planning and preparation for shoot including OH&S issues, scheduling etc

– Production
– Shoot the film
– On set protocol
– Camera and Lighting set ups

– Post Production
– Digitise footage into Final Cut Pro
– View rushes
– Assembly edit
– Rough cut of film

– Post Production – Fine cut
– Dissolves, fades
– Final cut
– Credits
– Add music
– Audio mix
– View final product

The CAE Filmmaking: Start to Finish course could be the start of an exciting new career path

Knowledge and practical experience in the making of a short film from concept to completion.
An understanding of the film industry.

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