Course Summary

The subject of Dark Energy has fascinated scientists over recent years. While its origin is still a matter of much research, their effect is felt and measured. The very existence Dark Energy and to Dark Matter and their interaction determined the conditions which gave birth to the structures in the universe and thence life itself; their continued effect will result in its demise; however, there is some comfort that this occurrence will be long into the future.

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Draw on tutor Bruno Zielke’s knowledge and passion for the subject and learn more about this unique topic. Hopefully, the inspiration will be there for students to further continue the course, post-course.

Tutor,Bruno Zielke has been a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria for over 10 years and has a special interest in Cosmology and Quantum Physics. He regularly presents at Astronomical conferences on subjects of cosmology. Bruno has a degree in computer science and applied mathematics from RMIT and has spent most of his career in Information Technology. 

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