Course Summary

A basic drawing class to get you on your feet for cartooning. Starting with a stick figure this class will teach you how to draw faces, gestures and simple perspective drawing while identifying stylistic features of other cartoonists and finding a personal style.

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Develop your basic techniques in drawing towards a style specifically for cartooning. An introduction to line, proportion and shading and various existing styles to consider in your own drawings. Develop technique and style and complete the course with a portfolio of cartoon drawings.

Learn to draw from life exercising hand eye coordination and learn the importance of drawing lines with confidence
Learn how to glean gestures and to use these gestures to draw in a cartoon style
A familiarisation of various facial proportions and their stylistic effects
Introduction to shading techniques to bring definition and dimension to a drawing
Development in personal style and techniques suited for cartooning

Please bring: 2B, B or HB pencil – Eraser – Ruler – A3 Sketchpad – 0.1mm ink pens. Further materials will be advised as course progresses. Materials cost will be approx $30

Last updated: February 15, 2018 12:10am