Course Summary

This course shows you how you too can confidently take control of your own travel plans, focusing on initial research and planning, budgets, travel arrangements – airlines, cruises, coaches, accommodation, transfers, specific do’s and don’ts, safety issues and economising.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 28th November - 1 class

Session ID DNV39504C
28 Nov - 28 Nov 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$99 / $95 (conc)
Jacqueline Xavier

Be your own travel agent


– Where to start – what research to do.

– Identify what type of traveller you are

– Define the experience you want

– Work out your budget

– Flights/airlines/airfares – tips, best ideas, do’s and dont’s

– Cruises – tips, ideas, suggestions, do’s/dont’s

– Coach tours – tips, ideas, suggestions, do’s/dont’s

– Accommodation – tips, ideas, suggestions, on a variety of traditional accommodation (hotels, resorts, Bed & Breakfast, etc) as well as alternative options such as farm-stays, Air BnB, working holidays.

– Transfers – internal car/ bus/ coach transfers and best options for getting from A to B

– Maximising the experience – tips for travelling internally within a country/ city/ destination

– Handy hints – e.g. safety, economising, who to go to for what

Tutor will discuss the various topics – accommodation, travel, special tours and insurance needs and show you how to do it yourself.

Those with an interest in travel and keen to make their own arrangements.

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